Advantages of using chickens in mechanized poultry farming equipment

The use of mechanized poultry farming equipment to raise chickens is a popular chicken raising method in the chicken industry in recent years. With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more farms have used mechanized chicken equipment. It can realize the artificial control of temperature and humidity in the chicken house and ventilation, etc., to reduce the interference of the external environment on the chicken, and achieve balanced production all the year round. The labor cost is greatly reduced, and other large economic costs are saved. The following authors will analyze the advantages of mechanized battery cage system to raise chickens.

1. Improve labor productivity: In chicken farms that use mechanized chicken farming equipment, we can see that it takes about 0.88 working hours for each 100 kg of eggs and 0.66 working hours for 100 kg of chicken. Large and mechanized chicken farms in Nigeria (more than 100,000 laying hens), each breeder can raise 5,000-10,000 laying hens. Semi-mechanized medium-sized laying hens (1-10 million), each breeder can raise 1,500-3,000, small-scale hand-raised laying hens (less than 10,000), each breeder can raise 1,500.

large scale chicken farming

2. Increasing the hatching rate: If the farmer hatches the chicks themselves, they can use professional hatching equipment. Using modern incubator equipment, the incubation temperature can be controlled to within ±0.1 °C. The temperature and humidity are uniform and the ventilation is good, which creates a good incubation environment for the eggs, and the hatching rate reaches about 85%.

3. Saving feed: The mechanized chicken feeding machine is used for the feeding of the chickens. The efficiency of the feeding is high, and the feed is not easy to throw off the ground. It can save 10-15% of the feed than manually withdrawing from the feeding trough.

4. Increasing egg production rate: Using mechanized chicken equipment for breeding laying hens can provide a comfortable production environment for laying hens. Generally, using chickens with mechanized chicken equipment to raise laying hens can increase egg production rate by 6-10%.

5. Conducive to epidemic prevention: the use of cage-based online cultivation, isolation of chicken and feces, basically control coccidiosis, tsutsugamushi, chalk disease, etc., thereby increasing the survival rate.

6. Create an ideal artificial microclimate for factory production: such as ventilation, spray cooling, artificial lighting, etc. If supplemented with compound feed, it can achieve balanced production throughout the year.

The above is the author’s advantage of using automated farming equipment to raise chickens. If you want to know more, or have other questions you would like to consult, you can always consult the technical staff of the poultry equipment supplier.