How to choose the right broiler equipment?

1. Control of the removal of broiler equipment

All mobile broiler cage equipment and facilities such as: drinking fountains, troughs, drums, detachable feeders, nest boxes, compartment doors, barrier nets, heating equipment, tools, etc. It should be removed from the chicken house and placed on the concrete floor outside the house. It is absolutely not allowed to move the broiler equipment that is not suitable for moving in the house to the outside of the chicken house. At the same time, the remaining medicines in the house will be returned to the storage and fumigation.

Remove or protect the temperature control device, thermometer, voltage regulator, fan motor, scraper motor, electric bulb, dosing device, spray tube nozzle, switchboard, etc., which are not suitable or can not be washed and disinfected, and be cleaned and maintained by a special person. Scour protection, fumigation, etc., and placed in a designated warehouse for isolation and storage. Control of dust and feces in chicken houses and broiler equipment All dust, debris and cobwebs must be removed from the corners of the broiler equipment, so that they can be swept away with a broom or blown by a hair dryer.

2. Control of scouring situation of broiler equipment

First of all, you must disconnect all electrical equipment in the house, use a high-pressure water gun to simply wash, soak the dust and debris left on the chicken house and broiler equipment, soak it and use a high-pressure water gun to wash. During the scouring process, the remaining water in the house should be quickly drained. Special attention should be paid to the scouring of the following parts of the house: the roof of the beam, the wall, the inside and outside walls of the septic tank, the septic tank floor, the slats, the heating equipment, the sewer and the mouth, the fan frame, the blinds, the fan shaft, the fan blades , various brackets,

3. Control of disinfection process of broiler equipment

The type and dosage of the disinfectant should be selected according to the instructions of the drug, and the correct disinfection operation should be completed, and the record should be kept. The whole disinfection process should protect the equipment according to the characteristics of the disinfectant to avoid damage to the broiler equipment.

4. Installation and commissioning of battery cages in poultry

Install and debug broiler equipment and other short-term equipment that are disassembled for flushing, such as thermostats, voltage regulators, fans, motors, light bulbs, dosing devices, brooding umbrellas, etc. Carefully observe whether the various equipment has been repaired, maintained and thoroughly disinfected, installed correctly, and the number is accurate. Pre-chicken supplies, environmental control, preparation of chicken house materials should be prepared in advance of picking up chickens, such as water, materials, medicines, other auxiliary tools.

The above is what you need to pay attention to when choosing a broiler equipment.