Essentials of broiler equipment in farms

In the chicken breeding industry, many farmers use battery cage system design price in Uganda to raise chickens. This can improve the chicken’s living environment and give the chickens a good living space. The cage culture is easy to manage. After all, it is more convenient to have such a cage. It is easy to manage and the chicken grows well. So more and more breeders will transform this cage. The chicken cage is very simple and intuitive in appearance, because it is vertical wire except horizontal wire. Actually not, don’t look at such a simple chicken cage, but the manufacturing process requires many processes.

First of all, the material of the broiler cage should be selected. It doesn’t mean that as long as it is made of steel, chicken cages can be made. All are made of Q235 steel. Like an egg henhouse. The cage wire is drawn seven times, and the poor quality steel will break at most three times. Slow work produces fine work, and then also guarantees the quality of the chicken coop.




The increasing use of chicken cages in modern society has led to the continuous improvement of chicken cage technology. Sometimes, it is also wrong to use machines. In order to reduce the trouble, most of the cages are selected by manual spot welding. Many cages will lose zinc after galvanizing, so our chicken cage factory chooses acid-base double galvanizing. Although the brightness after galvanizing is not good compared with other galvanizing methods, but the service life is eight years The above is not a problem.

Chicken cage equipment not only requires advanced equipment, but also requires technical personnel. When we raise chickens, we choose chicken cages. Does the quality of the chicken cage affect the breeder? The answer is certain. The quality of the chicken cage will affect the breeder from the following points: The first good chicken The cage is more reasonable in planning and can create an outstanding environment for the chickens to grow. A bad chicken cage may constitute a poor environment for the chickens to grow. A good chicken cage is suitable for chicken growth in the first place; the wire pitch is reasonable and does not return to form the chicken stuck in the silk seam, which harms the chicken; the cage door is generally made of a horizontal sliding door, which can reduce the chicken’s waste when eating . Secondly, good chicken cages are better in quality, which can prolong the service life of chicken cages. Good galvanization quality is better, the appearance is more lubricating and silvery bright, the embroidery resistance is stronger in the chicken coop, and it can greatly extend the life of the chicken battery cages .