Type of broiler rearing equipment

There are many types of poultry farming equipment. This breeder knows very well that there are broiler chickens, hens, and brooding. Other devices are common except that the cages are designed differently depending on the variety. The equipment needed for broiler breeding is: broiler cages, loading machines, cleaning machines, fans, wet curtains, environmental control systems, etc., and farmers can choose the poultry farming equipment they need to purchase. The author below talks about the types of automatic broiler cage system.

Broiler cages: Chicken cages specially designed for broiler culture. In order to overcome the inflammation of the broiler’s chest due to the hard bottom of the cage, high quality poultry equipment manufacturers use high quality steel to make the meat cage group. From the cage to the slaughterhouse, the chicks do not need to be caged, saving the trouble of catching chickens and avoiding possible adverse reactions. Broiler cage farming can be centrally managed, saving energy and resources, using advanced ventilation systems, lighting systems and automated control systems to fully save energy and increase labor productivity. Feeding chickens in broiler cages saves space and increases the stocking density to over 60/m2.

Automatic cleaning machine: The automatic cleaning machine is a kind of cleaning equipment for farms that uses the power of multi-pole rotation to achieve the purpose of repeated cleaning. Widely used for caged poultry and livestock manure clearing, can realize unmanned management, automatically clear the feces, set the time arbitrarily, can temporarily clear the feces, the operation is simple and quick, automatic manual and arbitrary conversion. The use of scraping manure to clean the feces can not only manage and facilitate the need of many people, but also the chicken manure runs to the end with the scraper, falls into the clearing belt, and is sent to the pulling truck to pull away. It can improve the environment inside the house and reduce the incidence of diseases.

Feeding machine: The feeding machine is specially used for feeding equipment in cages. It can feed cages from three to five layers. The feeding machine has unique structure, novel and practical, saving time and labor, uniform feeding and less loss. It is very popular among farmers because it is powered by battery, DC motor, low noise, convenient operation, flexible steering, small head space and convenient maintenance. The use of automatic feeders not only saves time, but also liberates manpower. The feeder directly pushes the material, is safe, convenient, energy-saving, no noise, and has a small chicken response. The feeder can realize 10,000 chickens in 40 minutes to complete the feeding, which is very convenient.

Environmental Control System: Precise control technology ensures that feed is saved, energy consumption is reduced, and interface operation software is easy to manage. In a computer terminal, you can manage multiple chicken houses and transmit comprehensive data in real time, so that the chickens can grow in the appropriate temperature and humidity all the year round, so that the death rate of the chicken is greatly reduced.

Ventilation and cooling system: The ventilation and cooling system includes a fan and a cooling curtain, which is used to cool the house.

The above is the type of broiler chicken equipment. If you want to know more, or have other questions you would like to consult, you can consult the technical service staff of the poultry equipment supplier.