Why do farmers choose battery broiler cages for raising chickens?

For broiler farmers, the preferred breeding method is to use broiler cages. Now whether it is the broiler farming cages in Nigeria favored by the farmers or the cage manufacturers, they are all overlapping broiler cages. So why will overlapping broiler cages become the mainstream in the broiler breeding industry? The reason for choosing broiler cages to raise chickens is definitely due to its advantages. The following is mainly to give farmers a detailed analysis of the reasons.

1. The breeding process of broilers is relatively simple, as long as they can eat well, drink well, and live in a suitable living environment. The use of battery broiler cages can be installed with fully automatic drinking and feeding systems, so that the chickens can grow normally.

2. The use of overlapping broiler cages has less floor space than stepped broiler cages. In this way, farmers can use less chicken coop area when raising the same number of chickens, which can reduce chicken coop rental costs.

3. The number of breeding chickens using poultry broiler cages is relatively large. The purpose of raising broilers by farmers is to speed up the growth of broilers. Of course, the greater the number of breeding chickens, the greater the benefit of chickens, so it is more appropriate to choose battery broiler cages

4. The size of broilers is relatively large, the growth rate is relatively fast, it is inconvenient to change cages. The use of overlapping broiler cages allows the chicks to be basketed from the beginning until the broilers enter the slaughterhouse. This can save the farmers the trouble of catching chickens and facilitate breeding.

5. There is a certain distance between the overlapping broiler cages and the ground, so that the chickens can be isolated from the feces, so as to effectively control the disease of the chickens and improve the survival rate of the broilers.

The above is the analysis of the reasons why farmers choose overlapping broiler cages for breeding. I hope that through today’s description, farmers can have a more comprehensive understanding of cages. If you want to get higher economic benefits when using overlapping broiler cages, farmers also need to pay attention to some breeding issues and increase their own chicken breeding experience.