The necessary thoughts of chicken breeding equipment

At present, most of the users who use chicken raising equipment to raise chickens are developing towards large-scale breeding. The use of various kinds of chicken raising equipment also makes it easier for farmers to raise chickens. but it does not have chicken raising equipment to achieve large-scale breeding. Breeding, when there is a market. the chickens can be raised well, and the farmers must have certain ideas and techniques for raising chickens. The following editor will tell the farmers about the ideas of using chicken raising equipment to raise chickens.



1. Be diligent and diligent thinking: No matter what you do, farmers should pay attention to the following things, consider the steps, two or three steps of the matter, and even plan one and plan two, and think out possible things in advance Solution or avoid risk.


2. Careful, diligent, and more brainy: farmers should observe diligently during the process of raising chickens, and observe more to discover abnormalities in the chicken flock, and communicate more like experienced farmers and be more active when encountering problems. Mind, look for more reasons and discover the things behind things.


3. Do not blindly seek “foreign” greed, and select breeds according to the breeding method: nowadays there are very many breeds of laying and broiler chickens, and foreign breeds have the advantages of fast growth, high egg production rate, and high feed conversion rate, so they are suitable for large-scale breeding. Chicken farms are industrialized, and small-scale farmers should not introduce foreign breeds, so breeders should choose breeds according to their own scale and region, instead of blindly choosing.



large scale chicken farming



4. Moderate scale: When choosing the number of chickens, farmers should base their chicken farms on the area of ​​their chicken coops and the space occupied by some chicken breeding equipment that needs to be selected. Otherwise, the density will be too large or too small. Affect the economic benefits of farmers.


5. Have the idea of ​​disease prevention: no matter what the disease, prevention in advance can reduce the chance of disease. Farmers should not think that if they are prevented, they will not prevent them. Waiting for treatment after they are sick will not only waste the treatment costs of farmers, but also In addition, the growth and production performance of the chicken flock will be affected after the disease, which directly loses the economic benefits of the farmers, resulting in the loss of the gain.


6. Possessing the idea of ​​disinfection and immunity: A chicken farm is also a bacteria farm. If farmers do not pay attention to killing bacteria, they will only broadcast to the chickens, which will affect the health of the chickens. The effective way to kill bacterial pathogenic microorganisms is to disinfect frequently. Therefore, farmers must do a good job of disinfection in large-scale chicken farming to prevent the transmission of pathogens to the flock from the source; in addition, immunization is an effective way to prevent diseases, so farmers must follow the epidemic and disease in the region. Do a good job in immunization.


The above is the key content of some ideological knowledge for the farmers to tell the chicken breeding equipment to raise chickens. It is necessary for the farmers to master these scientific knowledge of chicken breeding technology, so as to realize the scientific and healthy breeding of chickens in the chicken farm.