Feeding and Management Techniques of Laying Hens

1, choose the right address, you should choose a good environment, no industrial venue.

2, the management of chicks is good or bad, and the breeding rate of chicks has a great relationship with the whole chicken production. Therefore, in the production of chickens, it is necessary to grasp the feeding management of chicks, improve the breeding rate of chicks, and increase the breeding rate. Chicken economic benefits.

3, chick body temperature regulation function is poor, egg chicken body temperature is 3 ° C lower than adult chicken body temperature, chick fluff is short, thin skin, less subcutaneous fat, poor heat preservation capacity, body temperature regulation function will gradually become perfect after 2 weeks of age. Therefore, maintaining a proper brooding temperature is essential for the healthy and normal development of the chicks.

4, the digestive organs of young chicks are still in a developmental stage, each time the amount of food intake is limited, while the secretion capacity of digestive enzymes is not yet perfect, and the digestion ability is poor. Therefore, when using egg chicken material, it is necessary to use raw materials with good quality and easy digestion.

5, the fresh-shelled chicks have a moisture content of more than 75%. If stored in a dry environment for too long, it is easy to lose a lot of water during the breathing process, resulting in dehydration. The dry environment in the early stage of brooding will also increase the amount of water consumed by chicks due to excessive water loss and affect digestive function. Therefore, attention to humidity during storage, during transportation, and during brooding can improve the survival rate of brooding.

Chicks’ environmental requirements:

1. Temperature and temperature should be suitable. This is the first condition. Temperature control should have stability and flexibility. The temperature is changed according to the performance of the chicken and the changes in the season.

2. For the requirements of humidity, the chicks are easy to dehydrate. If the survival time in a drier environment is too long, a lot of water in the body will be lost; so the appropriate humidity is a key to improve the survival rate of the chicks.

3. Ventilation, while paying attention to heat preservation, you should also pay attention to ventilation and ventilation, otherwise it will have a serious impact on the growth of chicks. Because the chicks grow fast, the metabolism is strong, the breathing is frequent; the stocking density is large, and the stove consumes a part of oxygen. Therefore, it should be timely ventilation in poultry equipment for sale.