Causes of broken eggshell

Egg breakage is a very economical benefit for the farmer, so what is the cause of the broken eggshell and how to prevent the eggshell from being damaged.

Reason: First of all, the chicken poses incorrectly when laying eggs. The long time of the egg in the chicken battery cages and the high density of the cage are causing the chicken’s stress reaction. It is easy to step on the egg to break, or In the process of collecting eggs, the abnormal transport of the egg conveyor belt can cause damage to eggshells of different degrees. Sometimes when the eggs are packed, the operation is not right, or the speed is too fast, and the collision is increased.

The production environment is also an extremely important factor. If the chicken house is in a bustling place, the stress reaction frequently affects the intestinal absorption and utilization of nutrients and the intrauterine calcification process, hindering the normal formation of the eggshell, and the appearance of malformed eggs and thin , soft shell eggs, increased damage. The temperature and humidity of the house are also very important. The humidity can increase the adverse effect of the temperature on the chicken. At the same temperature, the humidity is reduced by half, which can significantly improve the quality of the eggshell.

Feeding management factors, management confusion, frequent replacement of the staff to cut off water, frequent material cuts, light duration is short. Sudden replacement of the feed formula and incomplete nutrients can cause the chickens to lay high and low, and the quality of the eggs will drop.

Countermeasure: The chicken house should choose a higher terrain, dry and flat, leeward sunny, well drained, away from traffic, people prosperous places, reduce stress, choose better quality chicken equipment, scientifically blend feed, science Immunization, rational use of drugs, rapid treatment.

Eggshell breakage is not determined by a single cause, it involves the whole process of laying eggs for laying hens. To solve this problem well, reduce damage and increase income, we must start from all aspects and do everything possible to achieve high yield and stable production of the chickens, so that the eggshell damage can be minimized and the maximum benefit of raising chickens can be obtained.