About the management points for raising chickens in summer

The high temperature in summer also has a small impact on the chicken farm, mainly because the egg production rate is reduced, so how to deal with it?

1, heatstroke prevention and cooling: the optimum ambient temperature of laying hens is 13 °C ~ 20 °C, if the temperature is higher than 29 °C, the egg production will drop by 10% to 20%; at 37.8 °C, chickens have the danger of heatstroke. Therefore, heatstroke prevention and cooling is the key to maintaining high yield. Timely clearing of feces: Chicken manure is easy to ferment and produce heat, and emits harmful gases. The house is cleaned once a day and night, keeping the house clean and dry.

2, ventilation and ventilation: all the windows are opened, and the fan can be installed in the chicken house to improve the air convection and ensure the interior is cool. Reduced density: The high density of feeding is not conducive to heat dissipation in chicken body.

The professional chicken farm equipment for poulty farming should have standard chicken supplies and cage farming system.

3,Adjusting the diet: Because the high temperature of the laying hens causes the feed intake to decrease, it is necessary to adjust the diet reasonably to better meet the nutritional needs of the chickens in the various stages of laying, and to increase the mineral content of the feed, especially calcium. . The feed should be fed less and the feed should be kept clean.
4, to ensure drinking water: Usually the average drinking water of the chicken is 150 ~ 250 ml per one, the water temperature is about 10 ° C is appropriate. Ensure that the water is kept all day long and keep the drinking water clean. If you notice more stool, pay attention to restrict drinking water for poultry cage manufacturer in china.
5, Strengthening epidemic prevention: Summer is suitable for the reproduction of various pathogenic microorganisms and parasites. In addition, high temperature stress causes the body’s resistance to disease to weaken, which is a frequent season for common diseases of chickens. Therefore, we must do a good job of epidemic prevention.