Layer battery cages are easy to overlook the problems of raising chickens

In the process of raising laying hens on chicken raising equipment, farmers often overlook the problems that may arise when raising chickens in layer battery chicken cages for some reasons. Especially when the seasons change, the temperature is unstable. So now let’s talk about a few management details that farmers tend to overlook.


Immunization work of chicken breeding equipment. Laying hens are susceptible to disease during the seasons. At this time, farmers must pay attention to immunization of chickens. This is an effective means of preventing diseases, and it cannot be replaced by drugs.

Choose good quality chicken feed will be helpful for your chickens.

Choose chicken fry. The quality of the chicks is related to the quality of the eggs of the laying hens. But many farmers will ignore the choice of chicken fry. This is very undesirable. Farmers must buy reliable quality chicken fry, and don’t pursue cheap chicken fry prices.


Ventilation, heat preservation and moisturizing work. These three factors must be controlled well before the chicks can grow up healthily, especially in summer. The summer weather is hot, and the temperature of the chicken house cannot be ignored. Farmers must strictly follow scientific breeding methods in each season. For the emergence of extreme weather, it is necessary to make timely and effective responses to reduce the stress of the flock caused by the sudden change of weather.