Method to reduce the noise of the fan of layer equipment

In the process of raising chickens. Because chickens are relatively small, there is a need to avoid noise around the hen house with automatic poultry layer equipment. Many farmers nowadays in order to be able to maintain a good chicken house environment. Fans are installed in the chicken house to ventilate the chicken house. However, the equipment may be noisy during operation. In severe cases, it may affect the growth of the flock. So how to reduce the impact of layer equipment fans?

  1. When choosing a fan for layer equipment, farmers need to pay attention to reduce the impact of noise. You can choose equipment with good performance and low noise from the fan equipment. And farmers can choose to install mufflers at the inlet and outlet of the fan equipment. The muffler is made of porous sound-absorbing materials, which can absorb high-frequency noise in aerodynamic noise and reduce the impact.
  2. When farmers are running fan equipment for ventilation. Farmers need to strictly follow the performance curve of the fan equipment to avoid the surge area of the fan equipment. And when operating the fan equipment, the air volume needs to be higher than the design air volume of the fan equipment. Once the surging phenomenon occurs during the use of the fan equipment. Farmers can adjust the working area by changing the speed of the fan equipment or the angle of the blades of the fan equipment. The zero limit of surge is moved to a small flow. The start-up of the fan equipment should be carried out in a state with a relatively large amount of ventilation.
  3. Another method is that when the farmers install the fan equipment, they can fix all the parallel fan equipment on the prefabricated reinforced concrete slab with better rigidity. Several spring shock absorbers are installed at the connection between the reinforced concrete slab and the foundation to absorb the vibration and noise generated by the blades of the fan equipment. Reduce gas-solid coupling noise of fan equipment.

In addition, chicken battery cage manufacturers and suppliers are here to remind farmers. When using layer breeding equipment, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the fan. Clean the dirt on the fan blades regularly. The balance and working status of the fan need to be checked regularly.