The importance of ventilation when raising chickens in automated broiler cages

Farmers should pay attention to the correct breeding concepts when using automatic broiler cages to intensively raise chickens to ensure the healthy growth of chickens.


In daily breeding, farmers should pay attention to the ventilation of the chicken coop. If the flocks are not ventilated, respiratory diseases and gastrointestinal diseases of the chickens may be added. The chickens in the middle and late stages have a large increase in food demand, and there are more chicken manures. Therefore, farmers are required to increase ventilation to ensure the demand for chickens. At the same time, pay attention to ventilation when the temperature is appropriate.

The ventilation of the chicken house will directly affect the healthy growth of broilers. The healthy growth of broiler flocks is inseparable from oxygen. Enough oxygen in the chicken house can promote chicken metabolism, promote chicken body health, and improve feed conversion rate. In particular, a closed chicken house with poultry chicken battery cages is used. The number of breeding is high and the density is high. There will be a lot of carbon dioxide exhaled by the chickens, coupled with harmful gases such as ammonia in the chicken coop. If you do not ventilate in time, it may cause broiler chickens to breathe harmful gases and develop diseases.


Farmers should pay more attention to ventilation operations. This is because broilers gain weight in the later stages. And the feed intake will increase, the excretion of the broiler flock will also increase, and there will be more feces. Will cause more ammonia. There are also carbon dioxide exhaled by broilers, body heat released, moisture excreted, and dust floating in the air in the house. If the farmers can not ventilate in time to discharge these harmful gases out of the chicken house. Then it will lead to the poor environment of the chicken house. This will not only seriously affect the growth rate of broilers, but also increase the mortality of broilers.


The above is the skill and necessity of automatic chicken cage ventilation summarized by the manufacturers and suppliers of automatic chicken breeding equipment for the farmers. It is hoped that the farmers can effectively ventilate the chicken house through the above summary and provide a good growth and living environment for the chickens.