Problems Should be Paid attention to in the Construction of Chicken Houses

Chicken house of poultry farming equipment layout considerations: A reasonable chicken house layout structure can provide a good rearing chicken, so that it can fully exert its production potential, so in addition to understanding the physiological characteristics of the chicken itself, the chicken house must be reasonably planned and constructed.
The site should be chosen away from the residential area. Choose a place with high ground and plenty of sunshine. As far as possible, it is not blocked in winter, no wind in summer, and no water after rain.

large scale chicken house
The layout of the premises should be reasonable for the battery cages for sale in poultry farming, so that the production area is separated from the non-production area. The non-production area and the water source are in the upwind direction of the chicken farm. The dirty road and the clean road are separated and do not cross. The manure field is located in the downwind direction of the chicken farm. The breeding house is separated, and the brooding house is located in the upwind direction of the chicken farm.