Raising layers in cages increases farmers’ income

With the advancement of breeding technology, many farmers choose to use modern chicken farm equipment. They not only save manpower and material resources, but also contribute more economic benefits to farmers.The way for laying hens to improve economic efficiency is to lay more eggs. Today, I will talk about the use of equipment and the egg production rate of laying hens.

Keep chickens healthy

The most important thing about raising chickens in layer cages is that the flocks are healthy. This is the basis for increasing egg production. Once the chicken has disease, the egg production will inevitably decrease. Therefore, we must do a good job in the prevention and control of chicken flocks. Farmers should observe more chickens. Isolate and treat sick chickens to prevent infection of other chickens.

Cultivate healthy and qualified chickens

First of all, farmers must choose good breeds when buying chicks. The quality of chicken breeds will directly affect the performance of laying hens. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the cultivation of chickens. Make chickens grow healthily.

Provide nutritious chicken feed

Laying hens have a high demand for feed nutrition. It is required that a nutritious diet must be provided. If the nutrition is not comprehensive, it will not only increase the consumption of feed, but also fail to increase egg production.

Provide a suitable environment

The quality of the chicken environment can directly affect the egg production. Therefore, farmers should manage the stocking density reasonably, not too much or too little. Create a suitable breeding environment for chickens. Farmers should also pay attention to the better control of temperature, humidity, and light in the chicken cages.