How To Start Layers Hen Business In Kenya?

Before developing the layer hen business in Kenya. You have to consider the poultry farm, poultry cages equipment in Kenya, funding, and size.


Building Poultry farms

This is the first step in developing poultry farming. It plays a very important role. If you decide to use battery layer cages in Kenya. So if you are going to keep 10,000 birds, the chicken coop should need 46M x 13M x 3.5M.


Battery Layer Cage Price in Kenya

Use battery chicken cages to give chickens plenty of room to grow and live. At the same time, if you want to develop intensive farming, you can also have an automated egg collection system, an automated feeding system, an automated drinking water system, an automated manure cleaning system, and an automated environmental control system.




Funds are needed to carry out poultry farming projects. In particular, it is necessary to build chicken farm and buy chicken cage equipment. Of course your size will affect the amount of funding. If you use layer cage system for 5,000 birds, it may cost $8,000. If the farming project is bigger, it will require more money.


Learn about the poultry market

Before you start poultry farming, you need to know your target market. Whether it’s laying hens for eggs or broilers for chicken. Regardless of the type of poultry, there is a good market in Kenya. You can deliver eggs and chicken to supermarkets, markets or schools.