Several questions about baby chicks

If you want to have healthy and productive chickens, you must buy healthy chickens to succeed successfully. Here are a few questions that chicks should pay attention to.

1, the chicks must be strictly eliminated, can not be brought sick. It is the most cost-effective for farmers. Because chicks are sickly bred, they are most likely to die in the middle and late growth stages. At this time, feed, labor, medicine and other expenses have been consumed a lot. Once the elimination losses are large, they will further infect other chickens, so they should be carried out at the chicken stage. Strict elimination, so the economic loss is minimal.

2, chicken house selection, the chicken house is best built in a flat, sunny, ventilated, good water quality, convenient transportation, convenient drainage, pollution-free areas. The water supply and power supply facilities of the chicken house should be perfected, because the water supply and power failure have a strong stress response to the chickens, and the light ones will affect their growth rate, and the heavy ones will cause them to die.

Baby chicken eat feed

3, there should be no noise pollution around the chicken house. Excessive noise will cause strong stimulation to the flock, resulting in slow growth of the flock and decreased immunity. It is best not to have other farmers around the house to avoid cross-infection and epidemics. ,

4, choose high-quality chicks, choose healthy chicks to play a decisive role in the growth of chicks.

5, the baby chicken cage for sale should be appropriate, too low is not conducive to ventilation, generally about 3 m is appropriate. Heating, cooling, ventilation and other facilities should be complete. Heating can be used with hot air stoves, electric heating umbrellas, etc., cooling curtains can be used for cooling; exhaust fans can be used for ventilation, preferably with floor windows and skylights. It is better to use light, usually with natural lighting and lighting.

6, the keeper should enter the brooding house to be disinfected, the sink is washed once a day with disinfectant, and disinfected once every 2 to 3 days with chicken spray. Reasonable lighting, careful observation of the condition of the flock, and timely detection of problems.