The cause of malformed eggs

For the farmers, raising the layer chicken in poultry cage equipment is depends on selling eggs to make money. If the eggs are not normal, it will definitely affect the income. So what is the cause of the malformed egg?

green shell eggs

Shellless  egg: only egg yolk protein, no eggs formed by eggshells. It is because the amount of calcium in the feed is insufficient for a long time, or the laying hen is infected with Escherichia coli or Salmonella, and the intestinal absorption function is decreased, resulting in a serious shortage of calcium absorption. It is also possible that the body calcium of the chicken cannot be effectively utilized, and there is no shell. egg.

Thin-shelled egg: The thickness of the eggshell is thinner than normal eggs, which is an abnormal egg type with a lighter eggshell defect, but it is easy to break the shell during transportation and sales. The reason for this is often the lack of calcium in the diet and the imbalance of calcium and phosphorus. In addition, manganese plays an important role in the process of protein synthesis. Therefore, the lack and excess of manganese can indirectly cause the occurrence of thin shell eggs.

Soft-shelled egg: The eggshell is initially formed, but the texture is soft, the state cannot be solid, and it is difficult to collect and store. It is a common type of abnormal egg in the production of laying hens. The factors that generally cause the production of thin shell eggs may lead to the appearance of soft shell eggs. In addition, zinc deficiency in laying hens is also an important factor in the proportion of soft shell eggs.