Reasons for chicken diarrhea

In the process of raising chickens, some problems will inevitably occur. For example, if you have diarrhea in cultured chickens, there are many reasons, which may be related to feed, and may be related to weather changes. How should these problems be solved?

1, the temperature problems should first pay attention to, if the chicken appears diarrhea, a great possibility is because of the cold, in the winter, we must pay attention to keep warm, so that the chicken house will be warmer. Also pay attention to the temperature difference, not too big, especially at night.

2. Be sure to keep dry in the chicken house. If the ground is too cold, you can pad the straw, but be careful to change it frequently to avoid too much moisture. Also pay attention to ventilation. When the weather is good, discharge harmful gases.

3, always pay attention to disinfection in poultry cages for sale, otherwise it will be easy to have bacteria, chicken is prone to diarrhea.

4, in the chicken when you must pay attention to choose a good variety, relatively speaking, choose the kind of disease resistance is better. Pay attention to management when you are in the chicken, and it is basically not easy to get sick later. That is, the disease can be recovered quickly.