Temperature control of aquaculture equipment and matters needing attention

Temperature is one of the most important factors in raising chickens. If the temperature is uncomfortable, it will reduce the appetite and growth rate of chickens. Therefore, temperature control will have a serious impact on the growth of chickens. There are some precautions when keeping the temperature of the chicken cage. Let’s introduce the temperature control and precautions of aquaculture equipment.



1. the appropriate temperature:
Chickens can self-regulate and maintain good body temperature in a certain environment. However, young chickens can’t adjust themselves within 10 days, so it is difficult to adapt to the change of temperature. Therefore, in the brooding period, the temperature of breeding equipment should be controlled at about 28℃ to promote the healthy growth of chickens. The suitable growth temperature in the later stage of brooding should be controlled at about 20-25 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too high, it will cause chicken heatstroke; Chicken catches cold easily if the temperature is too low.

2. Close the door:
In winter, the doors or large vents of chicken coops need to be closed. If it is not closed in time, cold air will blow into the chicken coop. It poses a fatal threat to chickens and leads to cold stress reaction. Therefore, when you need to enter the chicken coop management, you must pay attention to closing the door. Avoid the influence of excessive ventilation on the normal growth of chickens.

3. Reasonable bedding:
Padding grass can not only effectively raise the temperature of breeding equipment, but also prevent hens from landing when laying eggs. However, it should be noted that wet bedding should be replaced in time. Because the bedding grass is too wet, it will reduce the temperature in the shed and affect the growth of chickens. In addition, even if the weather is dry, it is necessary to change the bedding grass regularly. It is easy to cause diseases and insect pests if chicken manure and residual feed stay on the mat grass for too long.



4. Precautions:
Just now, we said we should close the big vents, but we can’t keep the chicken coop closed all winter. Therefore, we need to ventilate the chicken coop regularly every day and keep the temperature of the chicken coop. Improve the air quality of chicken house and promote the growth of chicken. In addition, if the chicken house is closed for a long time, it is easy to breed a large number of bacteria and cause harm to chickens.
The above is a brief introduction of temperature control and precautions of aquaculture equipment. The temperature control of chicken house, especially in winter, has a great relationship with the growth of chickens, which we can’t ignore.