Chicken raising equipment: automatic egg picking machine

In the process of laying chicken breeding, farmers often face the problem of artificial egg picking. After laying eggs, farmers should pick up fresh eggs in time, which is also a very hard work for farmers. Automation is becoming more and more important in modern farming. People have invented a kind of poultry raising equipment which makes it easier to pick up eggs — automatic egg picking machine.

Automatic egg picking machine is a new type of modern equipment, the use of modern technology to replace the previous manual egg picking, thus effectively improving the efficiency of the work, for the breeding staff to reduce a lot of burden, so it can be said that the automatic egg picking machine makes it very easy to pick up eggs!

Automatic egg pickers are commonly used in the chicken industry, as well as in various duck and goose industries.In the pace of modernization, the breeding industry has been an unprecedented development, and the scale of the increasingly large, which makes the chicken and duck breeding people in the imperceptible increase a lot of burden.

And as a variety of breeding industry supporting equipment, make people unnecessary so hard, and the emergence of automatic egg picking machine is to bring them the Gospel.Compared with manual egg picking, automatic egg picking machine has higher efficiency, and can be adjusted according to the need to avoid damage to the eggs, but also can make accurate judgment, the eggs of different sizes and qualities are classified, saving time and effort, is the first of many farmers.

In addition to the above, the automatic egg picker covers a smaller area and has a higher utilization rate, which saves feed. At the same time, it also has the functions of automatic feeding, egg collection, drinking water and manure cleaning.The automatic egg picker has low egg breaking rate, reduces the impact of feces on the environment, has a long service life and good corrosion resistance.