How does the automatic chicken farming equipment reflect the mechanization of the chicken farm?

Some farmers want to buy automatic chicken raising equipment, but they don’t know the degree of mechanization of these equipment. After investigation, we found the following aspects:


  • Mechanization of feeding and management. Automated breeding equipment mainly includes feeding and feeding machinery, water supply system, chicken manure cleaning equipment, egg collection machinery, etc. With these, it is easier and more convenient to raise chickens. And it is also conducive to improving feeding efficiency.

  • Mechanization of product collection and processing. The use of modern equipment for egg classification, storage, processing of by-products, etc. Can realize modern mechanical operations. This promotes the process of the chicken farm from chicken to product.


  • Mechanization of epidemic prevention and sanitation. The epidemic prevention work of chicken farms was difficult to do before, because once fowl plague occurs, it will spread to a large area and it is very difficult to control. If automatic breeding equipment is used, it can be used for washing the chicken cages. Disinfection and drug injection of chickens, etc. Effective treatment of sick and dead chickens.


In view of the above summary, I believe that farmers have a deeper understanding of the mechanization of chicken breeding equipment.