The importance of the right temperature for the chicken cage

Most of the chickens are raised in the chicken cages, so the temperature control of the chicken cages are particularly important.

The quality of environmental control will directly affect the success or failure of breeding. The appropriate temperature is conducive to the breeding capacity and productivity of the chicken farm, and it is conducive to the farmers to obtain a higher number of survivals and remuneration.

Modern chicken layer cages should have the features of automation and save much of manpower.



Excessive temperature will cause the chicks to crawl and drink water. Long-term use will weaken the chicks, hinder their growth, and even heat to death. Therefore, when the temperature is too high, the cooling wet curtain of the chicken breeding equipment should be used to gradually lower the temperature, and at the same time, attention should be paid to the sudden cooling of the chickens.

Too low temperature can easily cause flocks of chickens to crowd near the heat source, fluffy feathers, depression, and even continuous faint calls. For a long time, it is easy to cause chickens to catch a cold or be crushed to death.

A suitable temperature is more suitable for the healthy growth of chickens. Among them, chicken must be lively, have smooth feathers, eat orderly, have good sleep and appetite.