How to do a good job of environmental control of the chicken house

When we raise chickens, it is an important part of creating a living environment that is conducive to rapid growth and healthy development. How to do a good job in the environmental control of a chicken automatic poultry farming equipment is also a point to learn.

To know that chicks lack thermoregulatory capacity, they must provide a suitable temperature. The temperature is too high, the chickens are away from the heat source wall and the air leakage, the feeding is reduced, the drinking water is increased, the growth is slow; the temperature is too low, the chickens are piled up, and the heat source is caused, causing respiratory diseases, indigestion, increasing feed consumption, and getting together It will also cause the chicken to die. When the temperature is suitable, the chicks are evenly distributed and the activities are normal.


The humidity in the house is the water content in the air, and the proper humidity is closely related to the normal development of the chicken. Humidity is large, the house is damp, the litter is mildewed, the bacteria breeds fast, the chicken is easy to get E. coli, coccidia, mold and other diseases; the humidity is small, the house is dry and dusty, and the chicken is prone to respiratory diseases. During the brooding period (the first 3 weeks), the relative humidity is controlled at 65% to 70%.


backyard chicken's rearing method


We are ventilating the house to properly exclude the dirty air, pathogenic microorganisms, dust and moisture in the house, reduce their effects on the growth and development of the chicken, and exchange the fresh air outside to promote the rapid growth of the chicken. . Ventilation can be done by natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. Control lighting is mainly to control the lighting time and light intensity. There are two characteristics of broiler illumination: 1 The illumination time should be as long as possible, which is the need to prolong the feeding time of the chicken, adapt to rapid growth, and shorten the growth cycle. 2 The light intensity should be as weak as possible, in order to reduce the excitement and movement of the chicken and improve the feed efficiency.

The chickens in the chicken cages should be properly stocked to ensure the normal growth and development of the chicks. The breeding density is too large, the chicks are crowded and piled up, the growth is slow, the development is not neat, the environmental pollution is aggravated, the disease spreads quickly, and the mortality rate is high. The density is too small, which is not conducive to heat preservation, resulting in waste of feeding area, energy, labor and so on.

These are the ways to control the chicken poultry farming cage so that we can raise the chickens and take measures to bring better chicken benefits.