Precautions of Large Scale Broiler Breeding

In recent years, the production of broilers has developed rapidly. Among them, the poultry equipment for sale rearing mode has occupied an important position in the broiler rearing. Here are some points that should be noted in the epidemic prevention.

large scale chicken farming

  • Do a good job of all-in, all-out feeding – We should give full play to the coordination and guidance role of the company, adopt compulsory measures, insist on full-entry, full-out-feeding, and ensure the safety of broilers for epidemic prevention.
  • Guiding farmers to use drugs correctly – Blind use of medicines will make it difficult to use medicines for future treatments. Therefore, it is one of the main tasks of the company’s technical staff to guide the farmers to use medicines correctly.
  • Strengthening the biosafety measures of chicken farms.
  • Efforts are made to solve cross-contamination problems in all aspects of one-stop service – The above units of the company must strengthen sanitation and disinfection work. The disinfection should be maintained safely and effectively before the factory. The vehicles entering and exiting should be strictly disinfected. After each use, they should be thoroughly cleaned and strictly disinfected before they can leave the factory. The cross contamination is resolutely eliminated and the chicken is controlled. An indispensable key measure for the occurrence of fierce infectious diseases.
  • Make efforts to improve the quality of breeders – The quality of the breeder directly influences the production level of broilers, and the understanding and application of new knowledge, new concepts, and new technologies are closely related to the quality of breeders.