What should Poultry Farmers Pay Attention to in Raising Laying Hens in Summer?

In order to reduce the temperature of the environment around the chicken house, greening plants should be selectively planted around the chicken coop. And your poultry farming equipment should have enough space of  living conditions for your flocks.

Installation of the facility on the sun, top and doors and windows of the house to set up a shade net or other sunshade facilities can effectively block direct sunlight, thus achieving the purpose of cooling and heatstroke prevention.

backyard chicken's rearing method

In order to reduce the heat in the environment, the thickness of the wall and the top should be increased to make the insulation effect better. On the other hand, the surface of the wall and the top should be painted. Light color with strong reflective ability.

Because the evaporation of water can take away a lot of heat and reduce the temperature in the environment, in order to reduce the temperature in the laying house in summer, on the one hand, ventilation should be done to accelerate the evaporation of water; When the ambient temperature is high, spray an appropriate amount of water inside or outside the house or activate the water curtain at the door and window to promote water evaporation.