Precautions for using the automatic chicken feeder

The production and use of feeders in poultry farming equipment can greatly solve the problems of large and medium-sized farms feeding chickens, long time and labor intensity. Especially for farmers who use chicken cages for farming, it is more convenient. The feeder can feed three to five layers of chickens, which effectively improves the work efficiency and is a good helper for farmers. Here are some things to pay attention to when using the automatic feeder, for the farmers to refer to.

What are the precautions for using the automatic feeder?

1. Pay attention to timely inspection. The inspection is divided into three parts: the top of the feeder, the belt, and the motor. Because the automatic feeder can not place heavy objects on it, it will burn out when the feeder is driven because the pressure of the motor is too high, which greatly affects the life and effect of the feeder. Therefore, before starting the machine, it is necessary to check whether there are heavy objects placed on it, and if so, take it away in time. The belt of the feeder plays a big role in the work process, so it is necessary to check the belt for looseness in time. The main part of the feeder is the motor and the geared motor, so pay special attention to whether the motor has abnormal conditions, and if necessary, deal with it in time.

2. Pay attention to clean up. Because the dust will be generated during the operation of the feeder due to the production of feed, if the dust remains on the machine, it will cause dust in the control box of the feeder, which may eventually lead to short circuit and affect the machine. Therefore, when using, remember to regularly clean the feeder.

3. Maintain lubrication between the parts supplied by the feeder. Because the feeder generally has a lot of gears and chains to connect and work, if there is no lubrication between the gear chains, the components in the feeder will wear out, which will affect the working effect and efficiency.

The daily maintenance work of the automatic feeding machine of the chicken farm mainly includes:

1. Regularly clean the dust on the rack to keep the components of the feeder clean; regularly add lubricant to the conveyor chain and other transmission components to make them operate freely, reduce wear and prolong service life.

2. Regularly check whether the fastening parts of the feeder are loose, and find that it is loose and tighten in time to ensure the safe operation of the feeder. If the motor, appliance or control switch fails, you should ask a professional to repair it.