How does the house reduce the noise of the fan?

Farmers know that the chicken house must be kept quiet to avoid stress reactions in the chickens. Noise will affect the performance, nerve secretion and behavior of the birds. However, ventilation equipment such as a fan must be used in the chicken house. Mechanized equipment will produce sound. How to minimize the noise of the fan? The authors refer to the recommendations of poultry equipment suppliers to teach you a few methods.

1. The noise of the casing and the motor can be solved by installing an acoustic enclosure. The fan is placed in an independent fan sound insulation room, and the sound absorption and sound insulation are processed in the fan room.

2. Rotating parts such as fan impeller, fan shaft, pulley and coupling must undergo strict static balance and dynamic balance correction. It is allowed to leave the factory, and the gap between the motor cooling fan blades and the air guiding ring should be reasonably selected to effectively reduce the rotating noise of the motor cooling fan blades.

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3. Regularly check the connecting bolts of the various parts of the fan, and whether the anchor bolts are loose, whether the bearings are abnormally worn or poorly lubricated. Whether the belt is tensioned, etc. If abnormal conditions are found, stop immediately.

4. When installing, soft materials such as rubber, cork board or felt board should be placed between the fan and the reinforced concrete foundation. The vibration transmitted to the reinforced concrete foundation by the centrifugal fan is minimized or eliminated.

5. Install a rubber hose at the air inlet and exhaust vent of the fan to minimize the vibration of the centrifugal fan to the air duct at the rubber hose.

6. Install a muffler outside the fan exhaust vent and built-in muffler inserts to reduce noise when passing through a specially constructed muffler. The muffler is an effective measure to reduce the radiation of the inlet and exhaust ports of the aerodynamic device or to transmit noise along the pipe.

7. A lot of eddy currents are formed at the arc segment. The eddy current will collide with the volute and air inlet parts of the fan several times to form aerodynamic noise. The rectifier ring and the baffle can be designed and manufactured at the air inlet of the fan at the periphery of the volute of the fan, which can effectively prevent the airflow from forming eddy currents at the air inlet of the fan, thereby reducing the aerodynamic noise generated by the centrifugal fan.

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