Feeding system for poultry farming

Large farms will be equipped with feeding equipment. Because chickens are generally raised in long cages, the feeding system of the automated chicken raising equipment is designed to be a walking type, which generally includes the following structural components:



(1) Feeding crane: The feeding crane is driven by a motor gear reducer to make the feeder run stably; the skeleton, beam, inclined beam, wheel frame and accessories are all made of integral hot-dip galvanized, which has good strength and long service life; The box is made of hot-dip galvanized sheet, the use of a flat feeder can realize automatic seasoning, the use of feed arching technology and the special angle of the hopper, and finally achieve uniform feeding.


(2) Traction rope: The feeding system adopts stainless steel wire rope to pull, which has good strength and long service life.


(3) Head and tail frame and accessories combination: The head and tail adopt a reinforced frame and the middle frame to connect into a whole to strengthen the firmness of the cage system.


(4) Track: The feeding driving track is made of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, which has good strength and stable and reliable feeding.


(5) Screw conveyor system: equipped with dust-proof sealing device, cleaning device at the discharge end, flexible layout of the inlet and outlet ports, easy to use.


The material and combination design of each part of the feeding system of the automatic chicken breeding equipment reflects the principle of convenience and stability. Its use not only facilitates our feeding operation, but also achieves the effect of feeding scientifically and uniformly.