Matters needing attention in the process of seasonal changes in chicken breeding equipment

Seasonal temperature differences will also change. The process of raising broilers in chicken cages requires farmers to change their breeding methods from seasonal changes to chicken flocks. This will help the chickens adapt to the environment and seasons.


For caged chickens, pay attention to the humidity of the cage when raising them, and keep them dry when drinking water. Be careful not to let the chickens spread water and feed outside. Farmers should pay attention to the dry and clean litter.


Keep the chicken coop quiet and reduce the stress response of the chicken. Excessive voices, group transfers, vaccination, sudden weather changes, etc. are a bad stimulus to chickens. Can often cause disease. Therefore, farmers should avoid unnecessary catching and disturbing chickens as much as possible during the breeding period.

The right temperature. Farmers should pay attention to the flock of chickens. When the temperature is too low, the chickens scream and gather. When the temperature is too high, the chickens are scattered and panting. The chickens are evenly distributed when the temperature is right.


Pay attention to epidemic prevention work. As the season changes, the temperature also changes. Chickens get sick easily. Farmers should prevent the chickens from the epidemic in advance and observe the condition of the chickens. Isolate and treat sick chickens in time.


The above are the things that automatic chicken farming equipment manufacturers should pay attention to when raising chickens when the season is changed. I hope it can help farmers to handle things better and raise chickens.