Breeding advantages of automated chicken farming equipment

Nowadays, the method of raising chickens in the chicken industry has been transformed from the original flat cultivation method into cage culture. Compared with the original flattening method, cage farming saves farmers a lot of labor costs. However, as the labor costs continue to increase, the investment of farmers in raising chickens is also increasing. In order to reduce the breeding costs of farmers’ farmers and increase their income, many breeding equipment manufacturers now produce complete sets of automated chicken rearing equipment for breeding. Today, the authors will introduce farmers to the advantages of using automated chicken farming equipment.

1. The most obvious advantage of using automated chicken rearing equipment is to save the labor costs of farmers. Farmers can reduce manual employment by using automated chicken feeding equipment.

2. Reduce the use of the chicken house area, use a complete set of automated equipment for aquaculture, the equipment footprint is less. This will increase the number of chickens raised, thus killing two birds with one stone.

3. Scale: Each farm has a breeding capacity of 200-400,000 chickens, a stocking density of 6 per cubic meter, and 40,000 chickens per house. The management of feed compensation is improved by column and the uniformity is better. It can detect sick and weak chickens in time, and facilitate timely elimination, which significantly reduces the incidence of chickens.

4. Environmental protection and safety: The automatic conveyor belt clearing system makes the chicken manure not fall, and it is convenient to use the fecal protein as a bait for other animals. When the chicken manure is cleaned up, the chicken manure is dried, away from the fermentation, and the ammonia smell is eliminated.

5. Food safety: Standardized three-dimensional breeding is conducive to the control of diseases and eliminates drug residues. Large-scale production is conducive to traceability of the source and ensure food safety.

The above is the advantage that farmers have summarized and used automatic poultry feeding equipment for feeding. If you have any problems with the chicken farming equipment, you can contact the poultry equipment manufacturers and have a professional staff to provide you with a professional solution.