How to make chickens grow healthily under high temperature?

The high temperature in summer is a problem for farmers. The main problem is that the current continuous high temperature has caused chicken flocks under intensive breeding conditions to be prone to heatstroke. So how to let chickens survive the hot season safely?

  • Improve the environment of the chicken house

The most important thing to improve the environment of the chicken house is to increase the humidity and reduce the temperature. The use of chicken battery cage density breeding should adopt longitudinal ventilation to cool down. Wet curtains and fans can be installed in the chicken house to make the air in the chicken house and outdoor air flow, so that the chickens feel cool.

Keep proper temperature and humidity in the chicken house. Pay attention to the reaction of the chickens, especially at noon. Because as the heat increases and the moisture evaporates, the humidity will continue to drop. In order to alleviate this situation, farmers can install water curtains on the longitudinal air outlets and use circulating water to cool down.  



  • Strengthen feeding management

In the hot season, the feed intake of chickens tends to decrease, which will lead to insufficient nutrition of the chickens. Therefore, farmers should pay more attention to strengthening feeding management. For example: reduce stocking density. Provide plenty of drinking water. Clean the chicken manure on time and keep the chicken house hygienic.

Improve the nutrients of the feed. A hot environment can cause physiological changes in chickens, leading to reduced feed intake. If you want to ensure the healthy growth of chickens. It is necessary to adjust the diet in time to meet the nutrients needed for chicken growth.   

  • Do a good job in epidemic prevention

The multiplication of various microorganisms in summer will cause the chicken’s resistance to diseases to weaken. Therefore, under high temperature conditions. Chickens get sick very easily. It is straightforward to require farmers to do a good job of preventing epidemics.

Farmers should disinfect the chicken house regularly. Frequently observe the mental state, feces, appetite, etc. of the chickens. In this way, problems can be discovered in time, so that the disease can be treated early and there is no disease prevention.

The above is the summary of the method of raising chickens under high temperature conditions, I hope it can be helpful to the farmers.