Automated chicken raising equipment makes it no longer tiring to raise chickens

As an integral part and leading industry of agriculture. More and more people are involved in the breeding industry. The breeding of laying hens and broilers accounted for a large share. Traditional artificial chicken raising is busy all day long, time-consuming and laborious, and the output value is limited. However, with the help of automated chicken breeding equipment, it is easy and efficient, and there is a huge contrast between traditionalization and modernization. So how to quickly open the market with the help of modern chicken farming equipment? Suppliers of fully automatic chicken farming cages have a good way to make chicken farming no longer tiring.



A broiler farmer in Ghana. From the previous batch of more than 1,000 animals, to a batch of 10,000. The scale of aquaculture is getting bigger and bigger, but the problems are also more: shortage of manpower, low work efficiency, feeding management is not in place, low yield and poor quality have become commonplace. It was not until the introduction of a set of fully automatic chicken raising equipment that the feeding and management problems were alleviated. For example, the chicken disease, feed ratio (feed to meat conversion ratio) is reduced, labor and other costs are reduced, and the scale is expanded, and the output value is increased. Five or six batches of chickens can be raised in one year.

“Before there was no fully automatic insulated chicken cages, it was very difficult for one person to raise 5,000 broiler chickens. It was too busy and could only ask for help. But now 50,000 chickens can be raised easily and only need to enter the chicken coop twice a day. Observe whether the chickens are eating and drinking normally. The rest of the matter is handed over to the fully automatic chicken raising equipment.” This professional chicken farmer said truthfully.


The automated chicken house can well control the temperature and humidity. Even in the hot summer. Through the use of fans and wet curtains in the chicken house, the temperature can be lowered, so that the chickens can live in a suitable environment. Therefore, as the backbone of the development of the breeding industry, fully automatic chicken breeding equipment plays a pivotal role.