What equipment needed for poultry chicken farming?

Affected by the chicken market, more and more farmers have joined the chicken industry. Raising chickens is not a simple matter at the beginning. It requires farmers to pay a lot of effort. Now there are many automatic chicken breeding equipment that make it easy and easy to raise chickens and can obtain high economic benefits. Next, let’s take a look at which devices.

  • Manure removal equipment

Automatic chicken houses must use flat belt manure cleaners. There are two types of flat belt conveyor belts for cleaning manure. One is pure plastic, the other is canvas with a layer of plastic. The former is cheap, the latter is expensive, but the quality of the latter is more important. Much better than the former. How to choose? The flat belt manure cleaner transports chicken manure by a conveyor belt. The most feared thing is the flat belt deviation. As long as the flat belt deviation, it will basically be abandoned, so you must find a manufacturer with an anti-deflection system. Stacked chicken coops need a conveyor belt on a layer, so pay more attention to the deviation of the flat belt. Conveyor belt type automatic fecal cleaning, dry and sanitary, save labor, reduce cross-infection caused by environmental pollution, and effectively prevent diseases.


  • Feeding machine

The feeding accuracy of the feeding machine is high, and the feeding error per meter length does not exceed 5g. It can accurately measure the feed intake of chickens and manage the cluster more conveniently. The material tower has been treated with anti-sun and anti-freeze treatment, which is strong and durable.

  • egg collection equipment  

Automatic egg collection series have scientific and reasonable structure, strong and durable, easy to operate, time-saving and labor-saving, the egg collection operation can be completed by pressing the button. The egg collection equipment is fast, the egg breakage rate is extremely low, and it is efficient and stable. It can greatly improve the efficiency of breeding, reduce labor input, and reduce the cost of breeding. It is an ideal equipment for upgrading the layer breeding industry.

Above all, there are three commonly chicken raising equipment. If farmers want to raising chicken better, choosing layer chicken cages is the most important thing. You can contact us, you will get more message.