How to raise more chicken to make money

The market rules of wild chickens in the wild and chicken farm equipment for sale are different. The business philosophy should also be different. According to the data, the market law of cages is about three and a half to four years, and the price ranges from peak to low. The market rule of free-range chickens is a cycle of one year. Before the double festival (Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day), the price of Chai chicken and Chai eggs has reached a peak. It has been running at high prices until the Spring Festival, and after the Spring Festival, it has entered a low price period. Therefore, Chai chicken farmers should arrange production and sales according to market rules, and make time difference to make more money.

local chicken raising
In addition, increasing the amount of farming can also save labor costs, raising 500 people to occupy 1 person, 1000, 2000 is also occupying one person, only to reach a certain scale, can reduce costs and increase economic benefits forĀ battery cage for sale. However, the scale of expansion must be compatible with its own economic endurance.