How to manage 10,000 chickens by one person

 Using automatic poultry farming equipment, one person can manage 10,000 chickens.


One hundred thousand laying hens in large-scale breeding plants are under the precondition of applying fully automated chicken breeding equipment. Only one person can manage the method. This is high-tech. Fully automated chicken raising equipment makes it possible for one person to manage 100,000 laying hens!


The application of fully automated chicken farming equipment not only greatly saves labor costs, but also changes the original chicken battery cages shed from one to three or four floors. In this way, breeding equipment can help farmers save more than half of the breeding area. Farmers can also raise more chickens.


Some sheds with 100,000-feather hens will use eight-layer stacked feeding machinery and equipment. The temperature control system, manure removal system, feeding system, drinking water system and egg collection system are built in the fully automated chicken raising equipment. It is worth mentioning that the temperature and environmental humidity automatic adjustment control system enables the heating and natural ventilation of the chicken shed. Temperature and humidity control, etc. have completed computer monitoring. The production status of the whole chicken shed can be seen at a glance on a computer, and the chicken shed with a high level of automation can also complete the remote control on the mobile phone.


In general, the use of automated chicken raising equipment can help farmers realize automatic technical operations from feeding, cleaning manure, temperature control, drinking water, and egg collection. To a great extent, the burden on farmers is reduced, and it is also the root cause that farmers can easily breed 10,000 chickens.