Brooding and heating method of automatic poultry breeding equipment

Automatic poultry breeding equipment to heat the chicks is now mature technology. Because the temperature is very important during the growth of the chicks. Low temperature can cause frostbite to chicks, and high temperature is not conducive to the growth of chicks. Automated poultry breeding equipment can provide a comfortable environment for the growth of chicks.


The flue heating of chicken raising equipment: heating flue and horizontal flue gas above the ground. The ground level flue builds a stove on the nursery room wall. According to the size of the nursery room, one or two flues are built with bricks, and the end and the stove are related to each other. The flue of the house is arranged. The flue passes through the other end of the side wall, and a high chimney is built along the outside of the wall. The chimney shed should be about 1 meter higher than the floor of the flue and the nursery room space for heating. The difference between the underground flue and the ground, only the indoor flue is built underground and flushed with the ground. It should be noted that the flue gas temperature cannot leak. The flue temperature and fresh indoor air can reduce the occurrence of diseases. It is suitable for general chicken farmers and small and medium farms, and it is suitable for planes and batteries.

Coal stove heating: The coal stove is heated by the stove and iron pipes. When using the chicken raising equipment, the coal feeding stove is heated into the nest. The iron pipe stove pipe is added. The outdoor pipe joints need to be sealed to prevent the chicks from being poisoned by smoke and dust. This method is suitable for a smaller chicken farmer and is convenient and simple.


Insulating and heat-insulating umbrella: The cover of the umbrella is made of galvanized steel or fiberboard, and the inside of the umbrella is insulated and heat-preserving. Thermal resistance wire, electric heating tube or coal stove, install the umbrella on the inner wall, install the electric light bulb in the umbrella, this method is generally used in the layering surface nest.


Far-infrared heating: a resistance wire heating plate, one side of the plate is coated with a far-infrared coating (dark brown) to initiate the resistance wire infrared coating to see infrared rays to generate heat, so that indoor heating. The far-infrared heater is installed when a dark brown coat is installed, and a small fan between the far-infrared panels is installed to make the indoor temperature uniform and heating energy consumption larger.


The use of automated chicken raising equipment can provide a good and comfortable environment for chickens to help them grow better. The above is the method of brooding and heating. Farmers can use the above methods to better raise chickens and increase the survival rate of chicks.