Easily overlooked links in using automatic chicken breeding equipment to raise chickens

Farmers who use automatic chicken raising equipment may overlook some problems due to some subjective reasons. Especially when the seasons change, the temperature is unstable and the air quality changes. Will cause farmers to ignore some important breeding issues.


Immunization work

Chickens are susceptible to some diseases during the seasons. Therefore, immunization of chickens is essential. Immunization is not static. In the spring and winter seasons, it should be noted that chickens are prone to respiratory diseases. Pay attention to cooling the chicken coop in summer.


Safe chicken coops


Choose chicken fry

The quality of the chicken fry is related to the meat yield of the chicken after adulthood. However, many farmers will ignore the quality selection of chicken fry. Usually choose low-priced chicken fry. Such chicken breeders may not be able to raise them well. Even if it can be raised well, it takes more cost and energy. So remind farmers to pay attention to quality issues when buying chicken fry. Because most of the automatic chicken cages are now used, high-quality chickens are less sick and are easy to feed.


Ventilation, heat preservation and moisturizing work

These three factors are all related to the healthy growth of chicks, especially in winter and summer. In winter, farmers often do not ventilate for heat preservation. In summer, the temperature of the chicken house is ignored due to the hot weather. Farmers should make corresponding preparations in each season. Ventilation, heat preservation and moisturizing work must strictly follow scientific breeding methods.


The above are the things you need to share with you for raising chickens. I hope that today’s narration can make farmers more vigilant. Pay more attention to feeding and management during the breeding process to create a comfortable environment for the chickens.