The advantage of poultry farming equipment

If it is a large-scale chicken raising, then the investment that needs to be avoided can not be avoided. The use of these not only saves costs but also improves efficiency and increases economic benefits. What advantages of poultry farming equipment?

1. First, it will save space and improve utilization rate. Because the chicken cage adopts a multi-layered three-dimensional farming mode, the floor space is small, which will reduce the cost of investment.

2. Generally speaking, there will be a conveyor belt under each layer of the chicken cage. When the chicken produces feces, it will fall directly onto the conveyor belt. One is the comparison. The second is that the chicken is not easy to touch the feces and reduce the spread of the bacteria, so the chickens will be reduced. The production of disease.

3, the use of chicken equipment to facilitate the management of chicken, this will reduce the labor force, which will save farmers a lot of labor costs.

4. Because it is captive, the activity of the chicken will be greatly reduced, and the consumption of feed energy will be less, so the conversion rate of the feed will be increased, and the feed cost will be saved.

In general, the benefits of using poultry farming equipment to raise chickens are still large, reducing labor and cost. Still worth considering