Laying hens still need to pay attention to feeding management in spring

The use of chicken cages to raise chickens is a popular chicken raising method in the chicken industry. The chicken cages are raised in a multi-layer cage. The breeding density is large and the number is large. It is very popular among farmers, using chicken cages to raise chickens, and which are Need to pay attention to the chickens to pay attention to the matter, only pay attention to all aspects of feeding points, scientific and reasonable breeding can be able to raise the higher yield of the chickens, the following authors to tell the majority of farmers to use the chicken battery cages in spring Chicken’s precautions.

The spring climate is warmed by cold, the temperature gradually rises, and the sunshine is gradually extended, which is a good season for chickens to lay eggs. The main points of spring feeding management of laying hens are as follows:

1. Pay attention to the temperature and avoid the cold of the flock

In the early spring, it is warm and cold, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. While gradually removing the cold-proof facilities, pay attention to avoid the cold of the flocks. Do not relax management due to troubles, resulting in excessive temperature difference between day and night, causing the chicks to catch a cold.

2. Pay attention to ventilation and keep the normal humidity inside the house.

According to the temperature, wind, wind direction, the number of windows, size, and direction should be determined. First open the upper window, then open the lower part; open the window during the day and close at night; open the window when the temperature is high, and close the window when the temperature is low. Open the window when there is no wind, and close the window when there is wind. This can avoid respiratory diseases in the spring and increase the egg production rate. Also keep warm when ventilating.

3. Pay attention to reasonable lighting

Laying hens must have 14 to 17 hours of light per day. If you use red light, the effect is better.

4. Pay attention to epidemic prevention management

After entering the spring, the house should be cleaned and disinfected once to reduce the threat of disease.

From the chickens, sick chickens, weak chickens, disabled chickens, laying hens and laying hens with poor quality of laying eggs are eliminated.

Strengthen disease prevention work, conditional chicken farms should do a good job of monitoring the antibodies of Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis and other diseases, and find that immunization is abnormal immediately, and preventive drugs can also be administered.